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Ted E. Johnson was born into a broken family and hard times. Having a father whom he barely knew, raised in a tough economic era, and surviving a period of few opportunities, have forced him to meet adversities head on. He was raised by a very loving mom, who coached and molded him into an upstanding and respectable man. Although the odds were stacked against him, with the support of friends and family, he found a way to forge a path that led him to become a contributing and productive member of society. Ted was inspired to share with others his acquired knowledge, personal situations and a host of experiences of other individuals that he is confident will be helpful. Having lived through failed relationships, which include a divorce, it has afforded him insight and wisdom. Ted has now bundled his, and the life experiences of others, to produce a comprehensive guide that includes some hard truths about relationships. He has found that men and women face many challenges in pursuit of a happy union. There are many pitfalls that can ruin the bliss between couples. However, he’s discovered that the Creator’s will for men and women to be happy is still in place.